Senior women’s team coach, Isaac Paha, rounded up his team’s training tour of the UK on Monday a much learned and satisfied person.

Aside the 4-3 win over the women’s team of Leeds United and the 14-0 thrashing of the representative side from the UK National Fire Service, the team fundamental part of the Black Queens stay at the University of Hull training camp was sports science screening.

The Black Queens team had individually-prescribed physical conditioning programmes, incorporating the most contemporary training methods and hi-technology science test to assess their fitness, dietary and psychology incorporated in their training itinerary.

The programme administered by the sports team of the University of Hull is expected to enable the Black Queens boost their preparations ahead of the Women’s World Cup in September.

Isaac Paha, who also took some lessons, says the trip was not solely for playing ball but improving in all other aspects of a team’s build up to achieve optimal performance when he granted an interview to the BBC.

“What is happened here (Hull) is that we came for, not actually for a football tour but a way of using scientific means to try to enhance the performance of the players?

“Most of the time we used our brains, all brains and trying to deduce what we can get but the scientific method is more an improved way. Our being here is been a very successful one.”

The Black Queens coach says the training tour has afforded him the opportunity to upgrade his ways.

“For me as a coach, there were a lot of things which was going on which maybe at that time I thought was good but now; it’s given me a clear path that I should take, that would be improving the endurance capacity.

“Apart from that we’ve also got through the psychological teaching so this is also one area that has helped a lot.”

The University’s impressive training facilities, such as the £1million 3G football pitches and the newly-equipped sports centre were made available to the Black Queens.

University of Hull is the official educational partner of the Ghana Football Association.

Source: Ghana FA