The Sefwi Wiawso College of Education in the Western North Region has recorded eight cases of Covid-19 adding up to 61 cases in the Wiawso Municipality.

Confirming the news to Joy News, Dr Francis Takyi, who is the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Director of Health, said one case was recorded earlier last week in the School.

This eventually led to series of contact tracing adding leading to the discovery of seven additional cases.

“Initially there was one case that was positive and then we did contact tracing and we picked up seven more cases. So currently, they have eight cases with their contact traced and sent to to KCCR in Kumasi and awaiting the results,” he affirmed.

 According to the Health Directorate, the situation at the College is under control.

He added that they are collaborating with the School’s authorities in a sensitisation programmes to ensure that the Covid-19 protocols are adhered to.

“Now the situation at the college is under control. We’ve quarantined the students who are positive and we’ve given them education and everybody is following the protocols on campus.

“When the first case was discovered the authorities of the school we had series of meeting with them on the same day, they agreed and fumigated the whole school the following day and then on that same evening, we met the general students of the school and told them what has happened,” he stated.

 Touching on the resurgence of the pandemic in the Municipality, Dr Takyi advised the people to adhere to the safety protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“The entire house, those in charge of the hostels and the class pledged to use the face masks and then bring back all the protocols.

“This includes the Veronica buckets for hand washing, sanitisers and soap which they’ve been following so far. They’ve fumigated all the hostels and their blocks and they are cooperating very well,” he said.

The further stated that no case of Covid-19 has been recorded among the primary and Junior High Schools.

He assured the people in the Municipality that there are clinics on campus, with health personnel’s monitoring the situation very closely so there is no cause for alarm if only the students comply with the Covid-19 protocols.