Civil Society Organisation Send Ghana in collaboration with the Social Accountability Forum and the Civil Society Platform for Social Protection has unveiled the “Citizens’ Manifesto on Social Protection Delivery.”

The document is geared towards directing the proposed policies to be announced by the various political parties as they prepare campaign messages ahead of the December elections.

Since the manifestos of these parties are mostly depend to information from citizens, analyzed from their philosophical positions, Send Ghana deems it fit to drum home the concerns of the public at this critical time specifically in the promotion of social protection.

The report covers flagship social protection interventions, financing of social protections, delivery and transparency of social protection

The manifesto among other things recommended that government expands the coverage of NHIS to include preventive health tests, illnesses and essential drugs. It also called on government to expand the school feeding programme to capture eligible schools that are currently not under the initiative.

This citizens’ manifest according to the civil society organisations is geared towards influencing the manifesto of the key political parties by adopting proposals made by citizens in addressing social protection issues and implementation.

It also meant to serve as a reference document to hold political parties/government accountable for the proper implementation of social protection programmes.

The conclusions were developed over a ten-day period “through extensive consultation with a total of 402 citizens – 137 male and 265 females.

“This comprised of civil society organizations (CSOs), traditional authorities, women and adolescent girls, “identifiable groups” and citizens’ monitoring bodies, Opinion leaders and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).”