Singer Sefa has reacted to comments by businessman, Sam Jonah at a public lecture with Rotarians in Accra.

Mr Jonah bemoaned how recently released songs are difficult to understand and uninspiring.

“Today’s music, well maybe I am too old, but one can hardly understand the lyrics or what they are supposed to inspire,” he said.

The businessman made the comment while speaking on the theme; ‘Down the Up Escalator: Reflections on Ghana’s Future by a Senior Citizen’.

Sefa believes Mr Jonah has a good point but was quick to add that times are changing.

Sefa in an Interview with JoyNews explained how songs recorded back in the day cannot be done the same way anymore.

“I listened to one of Daddy Lumba’s songs and it was like eight minutes. My manager was like why, haven’t I noticed? I actually noticed it because he was telling a whole story and he sings it from beginning to the end.

“But now because of how developed the world is, if I do an eight-minute song, nobody has time to listen because now DJs play only fifty seconds one music and they move to the next hot song because artistes are many now”, she said.

The Black Avenue Muzik signee added that she can only put her whole story in two minutes due to the way songs are consumed lately.

“So right now, a whole story that Daddy Lumba can take eight minutes to tell, I have to tell mine in two minutes. And when I’m recording it, I have to record it in a way that people will also enjoy it and dance to it.

“There are lots of depressing things going on and people want to make merry and I can’t make people sit down and be sad.

“So when you listen to many songs that are being recorded now, in as much they are fun songs if you actually listen to them, they tell you something,” he said.

Sefa has a new song titled ‘Echoke’ featuring Mr Drew.