The face of tourism in Ghana is set for transformation as the Ghana Tourism Authority, under the auspices of the Tourism Ministry partners SGS Ghana, to introduce a Single Window Destination project to enhance tourism in the country.

The Single Window Destination project is targeted at promoting excellence in the tourism industry by raising the standards of hospitality agencies and improving their services.

Speaking at the launch of the project, Business Development Manager of SGS, Francis B. Gavor explained that as part of the project, technological innovations are being initiated.

A consolidated portal where every information relevant to the tourism industry will be provided for all visitors and prospective tourists to access and have a fair idea about Ghana’s tourism industry in Ghana.

He explained that the portal; visitghana, “Provides every information that you require about Ghana, if it is about business, if it is about tourism, all information will be captured in there. You also have access to service providers, geolocation….there’ll be social media mapping, the portal search, the book engine, plan your trip, book your trip, the mobile adaptation app for the average visitor which you have to download on your phone for you to be able to reach out to the destination Ghana.”

According to him, safety information which is very key for tourists, will also be on the platform such that all tourists know the security status of the country. A feedback platform where tourists and visitors can relay feedback after their trips regarding the quality of service they received among other things will also be made available.

“Safety information will also be available on the site. Safety to the average tourist is very key”, he said…Visitors will also have a feedback and compliance portal which I believe GTA is putting up a call center, a workable one, not just putting up a call center which does not really work.

The Single Window project seeks to address challenges in the country’s tourism and hospitality sector.

The project among other things, will generate revenue for the Ghana Tourism Authority, provide visibility for the Authority, improve data collection, and generally improve standards in the sector, making it attractive for investors and tourists.