A lecturer at the University of Ghana has questioned the size of President John Mahama’s government.

Dr Ransford Gyampo says Mahama’s government is too large for a small country like Ghana.

The president on Tuesday named his final list of ministerial appointees, bringing his total number of ministers and deputies a little closer to ninety.

The 26 new and final list of deputy ministerial appointees released yesterday included, Victoria Hammah for Communications, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye for Trade and Industry, Murtala Mohammed for Information and Media Relations as well as Joseph Yammin for Youth and Sports.

The appointments have sent tongues wagging with many varied sentiments on the propriety or otherwise of the appointments made.

Dr. Ransford Gyampo told Joy News big governments do not necessarily bring about better results.

According to him, the president ought to have picked lessons from previous regimes which also had bigger size of government but did not necessarily produce the best results.

He said if the over 86 ministers and deputies were each going to receive, cars, houses, salaries and all the other benefits that come with running a government they will scuttle the few gains to be made by government.

Dr Gyampo said merely because the the constitution is silent on the number of ministers a president can appoint, it does not give any president the right to appoint party apparatchiks.

He said the better Ghana aspiration by the president is likely to suffer as a result.

He had wished the president nominated at least 40 ministers to run the affairs of the state.