SMT Ghana has supported the construction of a school project for Jerusalem M/A primary school located at Tarkwa in the Western Region.

Jerusalem M/A primary school is constructing a two-classroom block and needs support. SMT Ghana was contacted and in 2020 came forth with the first donation of 75 bags of cement valued at ¢3,000 to assist in the foundation works.

To ensure the progress of the building, SMT Ghana, has recently gone to the aid of the project once again with a donation of iron rods valued at ¢7,100 to assist in building the pillars and lentil of the two classrooms.

The donation according to the company forms part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program geared towards supporting communities close to its operations.

SMT Ghana team including: VCE Sales Manager, Edward Sackey, CounterSales-Parts, Doris Opoku Agyen, Workshop Manager-Tarkwa, Stephen Ponful, Accountant-Tarkwa, Welbeck Asiamah were present at the premises of the Jerusalem M/A primary school to hand over the donation which was received by the Headmistress of the School, Mrs Agartha Adu.

SMT Ghana assist construction of School project in Tarkwa

Receiving the donation on behalf of the School, Mrs Agartha Adu described the various support from SMT Ghana as an example of a corporate entity ready to support society in times of need.

“We are grateful on your willingness to show up at a short notice and hope you will continue to be an example.”

She thanked SMT Ghana for the support and urged corporate Ghana to emulate the SMT Ghana example by adopting needy communities close to its operational areas and support.

Managing Director of SMT Ghana, Mr Alex Dutamby when contacted said the company was delighted to lend support to the vulnerable as a commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility targeted at supporting education in communities where it operates.

He was optimistic the items donated so far will make it possible for the school to have adequate classrooms for the primary section to drive the course of promoting quality education as captured in the company’s CSR initiative.

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