SMT Company Limited, the official Distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment and Trucks, has introduced its Volvo FMX, FH and FH16 trucks to the Ghanaian market.

Managing Director for SMT Ghana, Alex Dutamby, indicated that the new Volvo FM trucks are improved versions of the existing Volvo truck, taking into consideration the comfort of the driver and cost of fuel.

“The Volvo especially the Volvo FMX has fantastic traits but now it has been developed with new features to make it even better. But we have focus for the driver and the business owner.”

SMT unveils new Volvo FMX, FH and FH16 trucks

“Why the driver, because we believe that it’s easy for the driver to maneuver their trucks and concentrate. There’s a feature called Volvo dynamics terrain where we can really steer the truck even when it’s fully loaded without any effort to help the drivers,” he stated.

Vice President for Volvo Trucks Africa, Goran Travancic, said Ghana is a natural choice to launch its new Volvo FMX, and other trucks, as his outfit looks to build a lasting relationship with the country.

“Traditionally, Ghana is a very important market for Volvo and we’ve been present here for quite a number of years for both Volvo Construction and Volvo trucks. So Ghana is a natural choice because it is a country which has a lot of need for transport,” he said