SMT Ghana, one of the leading dealers of construction, transport and mining equipment in the country, has called on stakeholders to invest in quality equipment to promote their businesses.

SMT Ghana, the official distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta in Ghana, made the call at an open house event in Kumasi last Thursday.

A wide range of Volvo and SDLG products were exposed in a way participants could experience their quality output.

On display were SDLG construction machinery including wheel loader, compactor, backhoe loader and motor grader.

Also available was Volare bus representing SMT Ghana’s commitment to the public/intercity transport and coach segment. After-sales service was not left out with quality genuine Volvo and SDLG parts on display.

Mr. Alex Dutamby, managing director at SMT Ghana informed that partnering with the event aimed at sensitizing these stakeholders on the need to use premium brand quality equipment, such as Volvo, provided by SMT Ghana.

“Kumasi in these few years has seen a lot of developmental projects including the Airport expansion and market projects. SMT Ghana is proud to have partnered all these projects with our quality Volvo and SDLG products.

“So we are here today to bring customers in Kumasi and its environs closer to us, to understand their needs and provide the right support. We have a branch here with the dedicated team with genuine products”

SMT Ghana, he reiterated, has invested in three key areas.

First of all, the SMT network, with four branches across the country (Accra, Tamale, Tarkwa, and Kumasi) to ensure customers are closer to the product and can easily access after-sales service as well.

Secondly, the SMT Team, with dedicated sales and service teams, coupled with the availability of genuine spare parts, adequate logistics and good technicians to drive productivity.

Finally, the training academy which is readily available to train customers before products are delivered.

Presenting the Volvo Products and SDLG equipment, Felix Ofosu-Kontoh, sales director at SMT Ghana touted the uniqueness of the company in providing the total product segmentation right from building to mining.

He, therefore, urged the construction and transport industries to rely on SMT Ghana for total support.

“Our partnerships with the Volvo Group, Dressta (best bulldozer in the market), Sennebogen (porthandlers), SDLG DongFeng Trucks, ensure customers’ needs are met to grow businesses.

It was a day of networking and engaging with top players in the construction and transport industries. A raffle draw was held for customers and some of them shared their experiences from using products from SMT Ghana.

Emmanuel Boateng, managing director of Bruku Engineering Services Limited expressed his confidence in the quality of products and services of SMT Ghana.

“I recently took the SDLG loader on site and it did an amazing job. Equipment from SMT Ghana are efficient and ensure minimum downtime for quick completion of the project” he said.

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