With time ticking as the continent prepares to host the 2010 World Cup, teams are beginning to assess their opponents.

Ghana will be making a second appearance when the competition kicks off in South Africa.

For the Black Stars, who reached the round of 16 four years ago in Germany, the expectations remain high when they come up against Serbia, Australia and Germany in Group D.

Ghana’s recent run at the African Nations Cup in Angola, where an injury hit squad still managed to reach the finals of the competition and picked silver has attracted the attention of the other members.

One of such impressed persons is Pim Verbeek, Australia’s coach who sat through the Nations Cup.

The Socceroos coach in an interview with FIFA.com recently admitted that Ghana will be a difficult side to beat as he talked about the group members.

“I think Serbia will actually be the crucial game. The final group game will be the decisive one. Germany, Ghana and Serbia; all three opponents have three totally different ways of playing football.

“So at this moment we are fully focused on Germany and then we have 6 days to prepare ourselves for Ghana, who showed again at the Africa Cup of Nations that even with a lot of players that may not make the final cut they still have a fantastic team and can get the results.

“I think, watching the Africa Cup of Nations, Australians realised Ghana would be a difficult team to beat. And Serbia have nothing to lose, so that makes for a dangerous opponent. Especially if you see the quality of their players and their qualification campaign,” the Socceroos coach said.

Source: Ghanafa.org


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