It is about time we tell ourselves the bitter truth before things get out of hand. It is true that we painfully lost the 2020 general elections to our opponent, the NPP but it is never true that our MPs are the sole cause of our defeat.

It should be put on record that, some executives through their comments are gradually creating disaffection between our MPs and the party’s support base.

I, therefore, entreat party members to disregard any perception that seeks to project our honourable MPs as betraying the party especially with regards to the Appointments Committee work in Parliament.

Recently, a national executive openly warned our former flagbearer not to accept to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine or action will be taken against him. This threat I find to be very disrespectful.

But unfortunately such developments are becoming too common within the party. If this attitude is not checked, it will negatively affect the party’s chance of victory in the 2024 elections.

Our gallant MPs need the co-operation and support of members to hold the party as they usually do whenever we are in opposition. It is only through this that the party can chalk another victory come 2024.

Comrades, this is not the time for any unnecessary blame game. Again, no one should try being a hero at the expense of party cohesion; that will be politically suicidal.

I humbly urge the party leadership to as a matter of urgency, put strong measures in place to crush this attitude among party executives to serve as a caution to party members.

Long live NDC
Long live Ghana

The writer, Solomon Nkansah is the former National Communications Officer for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)