Special Voters for election 2016 must meet a mandatory 42 day condition before they will be allowed to take part in the special voting exercise.

Chairman of the Subsidiary Committee of Parliament OB Amoah told host of AM Show, Mamavi Owusu Aboagye persons who wish to take part in the special voting must notify the National Media Commission 42 days before the election.

"You cannot sit down, [waiting] for the EC's announcement of the date for special voting before you start running around for accreditation. You cannot make it. It has to be 42 days before election," he said.

He added after notifying the NMC, persons interested in taking part in the special voting must proceed to the Electoral Commission  for them to put you on their list of special voters.

"…So that on election day your name will not appear in the voter's register list again," he explained.

Under a new Constitutional Instrument CI 94 which is currently before Parliament, media personnel have been added to the list of special voters which include election officers and security personnel.

The rationale is to allow for such category of workers to vote early because they will be working on election related issues on election day.

But it is not the case that all workers in that category can automatically take part in the special voting.

OB Amoah said prospective special voters must first be accredited by the NMC and must have satisfied the 42-day condition before they will be allowed to vote.

Asked why there is no public education on the special voting and other issues related to the elections, OB Amoah blamed the Electoral Commission for it.

"It is not my work. That is the work of the Electoral Commission," he said adding there is a delay in public education and would rather the election is held in December rather than the proposed November to allow for better public education.