Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, has been adjudged the Best Wealth Management Bank in Ghana by the UK-based Global Business Outlook Awards2020, adding to the growing list of local and international awards won by the Bank this year.

Setor Quashigah, Head of Wealth Management at the Bank said, “We continue to pride ourselves in our ability to guide clients to make the right investment decisions through different stages of their life cycle”.

“Our advisory-led Wealth Management approach allows us to operate with no product bias to enable better investment outcomes for our clients. Our highly skilled and professional local advisory team, coupled with our network of investment specialists, leverage our open-architecture model to help clients assess a comprehensive range of Wealth Management solutions.”

She added that the award means a lot to them as it comes to further enhance their clients’ confidence in their advisory capabilities and “our commitment to guide them while investing, especially during these times of global economic uncertainties brought about by COVID-19.”

“Standard Chartered provides the best in class specialised managed investment services to clients in Ghana – portfolio diversification, local currency bonds and treasury bills and offering competitive rates on forex investments. Our presence in multiple markets mean we can provide cross border services to meet the needs of our clients. We are the only bank that can transfer in destination currencies of the G10 countries.”

The Global Business Outlook Awards aim to recognize and reward excellence in business to companies in the public and private sector, all over the globe. The goal is to ensure that innovation, creativity and the drive to create value is duly recognized.

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited was lauded for building the skill and drive to succeed in this competitive sector.

Since inception in 2015, Global Business Outlook has successfully evaluated a vast number of companies covering various sectors of the industry, including but not limited to Banking.

The awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within their respective sectors.

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