Starwin Products Limited, an indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturer, has presented assorted items worth GH₵3,000 to the Akropong School for the Blind to help the school meet some of its daily needs.

The items included bags of rice, sugar and gallons of palm oil and medical supplies from Starwin Products among others.

Mr. Kwesi Yirenkyi, the Managing Director of Starwin Products, said the presentation of the items are intended to ease the burden of pupils and the school management.

“The school has been the pre-eminent institution for the training of physically handicapped persons in the country over the years, and for that matter it needs all the support it can get from corporate organisations and individuals.”

He said Starwin Products is very happy to associate itself with the school and will continue to support the school as part of its annual corporate social responsibility programme.

“The items will not solve all the problems and challenges facing the school but it is our hope that this will put a little smile on the faces of the children.”

“This is our little contribution towards fulfilling our obligation to the needy in society and it is important that corporate bodies do what they can to assist the less privilege among us,” he said.

Mr. Yirenkyi commended both the teaching and non-teaching staff for the wonderful job that they are doing for the children.

Starwin Products Limited is the first of two companies in the pharmaceutical industry to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. The company’sproducts include: Rapinol, Asmadrin, Milk of Magnesia, Starwin Liver Salt, and Expectolyn Cough Syrup.


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