Government’s quest to enhance STEM education in the country is on course as an ultra-modern STEM facility being constructed at Abomosu in the Atiwa West District of the Eastern region is almost completed.

It is one of many STEM schools to be constructed in the country.

The Science focused school has two V blocks comprising a 24 units and 29 units classrooms.

Deputy Minister of Education, John Ntim Fordjour, who toured the site, indicated, pupils would be equipped to be inventors and innovators to facilitate growth in the country.

“We are going to have ICT laboratories, we are going to have science laboratories, chemistry lab, physics for this lab biology lab are going to have robotic lab as well.

“And so we do have dormitories one for girls, one for boys at the same time, we have an assembly hall that can take not less than 2000 students. We have a sick day that is fitted with nurses Banglore that are going to be residents here,” he said.

According to him, Ghana must progress and also increase the annual engineering graduates to boost the country’s innovations.

“And also the kind of facilities you find here. They are just like you find in any top school any advanced country and it’s going to be free.

“So these are schools that are going to have higher quality than it is some private schools that people you know pay dollars and huge sums of money to assess in many other countries, even in this country. This is going to outsmart, outcompete those schools. So we assure parents, we assure students that STEM education has kicked off and that Ghana is going to make a difference,” said the Deputy Education Minister.

The project consultant, Samuel Addai assured the facility will be ready in February.

“In fact, you hear people say we haven’t built any secondary school from scratch. At least this one you’ve seen from Virgin forest we are almost through. So we promise the minister within a month, we will make sure we at least we get to a usable stage so that the school can start,” said Mr Addai.

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