Independent Power Producer, Sunon Asogli, has indicated its commitment to support developmental projects in the country.

This follows a donation of medical equipment worth ¢100,000 to the Kpone Polyclinic, a move to ensure quality healthcare delivery to residents of Kpone in the Greater Accra region.

Over the last decade, Sunon Asogli’s 560 megawatts combined-cycle natural gas power plant has contributed towards Ghana’s greater goal of being a power hub in Africa as well as ease intermittent power shortages and load management.

The power producer says it will soon venture into renewable energy projects in the country and the sub-Saharan Africa to help fulfill the renewable energy agenda.

Beyond producing power, the company continues to play its role as a member of the community.

General Manager of Sunon Asogli Power, Jin Zhengyi in his address indicated how the company prioritizes the community in which it operate through the various corporate social responsibilities.

“We have constructed a 4-kilometer concrete road to serve the community, an astro turf football field for the youth and made various donations to the Kpone Police and Fire Service,” he said. 

For Jin Zhengyi, the donation is even more important at the time when Covid-19 is taking a toll on people’s lives.  

“As the covid-19 pandemic has taught us, our health is extremely important and access to quality health care is essential to one’s livelihood,” he said.

Public Relations Officer of Sunon Asogli, Khadija Torbay Lartey, said the donation of chemistry and hematological analyzers follows a request by the health facility as part of its 25th anniversary.

“This community is quite big, so if you do not have such important equipment how can you handle situations that come your way. So we took the opportunity to purchase the equipment for them, she explained.

Last year, the company also donated $100,000 to help the country deal with Covid-19, aside facemask, sanitizers, disinfectants, among other things donated to the Energy Ministry.

Municipal Health Director for Kpone-Katamanso, Dr. Esther Biamah-Danquah was grateful and shared how important the equipment is to healthcare delivery.

“Kpone Polyclinic is 25 years and we’ve never had chemistry analyzer. The only hematological analyzer we have has served for a decade and this comes with constant breakdowns”

“Due to the situation, the facility turns away patients who are then forced to go to Tema Genera Hospital to do the test before returning to Kpone Polyclinic with the results,” she explained.

Paramount Chief of Kpone Traditional area, Nii Tetteh Otu II was particularly happy with the company’s gesture and added that the land has been acquired with a block plan in place to give the facility a new face.

Member of Parliament for Kpone-Katamanso constituency, Joseph Akuerteh Tettey sees the intervention as timely considering the numerous challenges of the facility and steps being taken to address them.

Meanwhile, Municipal Chief Executive, Samuel Okoe Amanquah said the equipment will improve tremendously services being offered to patients and bring Sunon Asogli much closer to the community.   

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