Survivors of the mining disaster in the Central Regional town of Dunkwa-on-offin have been narrating harrowing tales of how some of their colleagues were buried alive by the collapsing pit.

More than a hundred and forty small scale miners, popularly called galamsey operators including women and children were trapped in the pit when it caved in.

It is uncertain how many might have escaped. Rescue efforts currently underway are being hampered by lack of equipment.

The National Disaster Management Organization NADMO, which is leading the rescue efforts, is presently attempting to pump out water from the pit before sending in rescuers to look for more survivors.

It is been more than twenty four hours since the pit caved in and it appears chances of finding anyone alive is fast fading. Some of the lucky survivors spoke to Joy News about their ordeal.

“Oh I was sad, I saw children and women and teenagers dying. I was there crying for help but there was none,” he narrated.

The father of one of the trapped miners Kwaku Teye appealed to officials to speed up rescue efforts to save his son.

Meanwhile the Central regional NADMO coordinator, David Mensah who is supervising the rescue efforts says they are experiencing difficulties sending men into the pit to look for survivors.

“As at now we have not removed anybody from the pit. The machine that was brought was faulty so we brought in another machine,” he said

Source: Joy News/