Trade Minster, Alan Kyerematen [Source: @AlanKyerematen on Facebook]

Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kyerematen, has encouraged unemployed Ghanaians to eschew pessimism about their future and not lose hope because the country has brighter prospects ahead.

He says the government is already providing a number of institutional support schemes, which people can take advantage of to start their businesses because the public sector is choked and can no longer be stretched.

Speaking at a lecture by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Mr Kyerematen noted that graduates need to explore other job avenues in the private sector rather than giving up on their dreams.

“There is this whole issue that people come out of school, and they look for a job in either the private sector or in government, without necessarily exploring the possibility of starting their own business.

“Let’s take advantage of the institutional support government is providing rather than giving up. My preference will be exploring the possibility of starting something on your own.

“Don’t let us be downhearted or pessimistic about our future. Public sector job is not an option; there’s no space there. In the private sector, you either look for a job with an existing company or allow government to help you to start your own business. So there is hope, there’s a bright future for our country, and let’s move together,” he said.

On his part, the Moderator for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Prof Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, expressed worry about the deliberate attempt by every opposing party to run governments down for political gains under the guise of making conditions better when voted into power.

Take advantage of government’s institutional support to start your own businesses – Trade Minister to youth
Presbyterian Church of Ghana Moderator, Prof Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante

“In this country, there is a way that partisan politics is done that makes me want to vomit, and they all do it to each other. When one party is in power, the other one in opposition feels that its job is to run the one in power down.

“If you are in Christian Council or a reverend minister and you are not supporting what they are saying, they say you are supporting the one in power. As a minister, I am not sure I can help with running governments down.

“I want to tell every young person, anybody who tells you that everybody will have a job when we come, ask him which country – not even in Norway. Why can’t we say positive things about ourselves?” he retorted.

The lecture was pegged on the theme, ‘Harnessing Job Prospects and Opportunities in the Trade Industry.’

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