The Tano South Municipal Chief Executive, Collins Offinam-Takyi, has lauded the National Commission for Civic Education’s (NCCE’s) social audit programme for whipping up the enthusiasm of the people to partake in decision-making processes.

He emphasised the importance of citizens’ participation in decision-making as that would enable and well-position District Assemblies to address immediate developmental needs of local communities to better the lives of its people.

Speaking at a social audit forum organised by the NCCE at Dwomo, a tomato-growing community in the Ahafo Region, Mr Offinam-Takyi observed it was important for citizens to be development-oriented so that duty-bearers could not take them for granted.

He advised the local communities to also endeavour to channel their grievances and developmental needs through the laid-down and appropriate procedures for redress.

He also called on the people to also initiate a self-help project to attract support from the Assembly.

The Tano South Municipal Officer of the NCCE, Czarina Enyo Akua Fiawotso, underscored the need for active participation of citizens in decision-making processes, hence the need for the social audit programme.

She explained the social audit programme being supported by the European Union (EU) was also to further promote good governance, reduce corruption and improve on accountability and compliance with rule of law in public service.

The Kurontirehene of Dwomo, Nana Addo Kwaata II, commended the Commission for selecting the community to benefit from the programme.

The Assemblyman for the Dwomo Electoral Area, Bright Osei Yeboah, pledging his support, urged the people to show interest in the development of the community.

A 7-member Social Auditing Implementation Committee was inaugurated to facilitate the completion of nurses’ quarters in the town.

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