The Ashanti and Brong Ahafo sectors of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) are threatening legal action against principals of Colleges of Education who are still billing students on utilities.

The trainees say they will resist these payments since they have not been sanctioned by government.

They are also asking students to stop paying feeding fees because it is the sole responsibility of government.

Speaking at a press conference in Kumasi Wednesday, President of TTAG-ASHBA Emmanuel Boakye asked government to come clear on whether under the current system for teacher trainees there will be compulsory postings upon completion.

According to Boakye, government was supporting students through the allowances given to them thus had the upper hand when it came to posting them for national service.  

"Currently, government has no right to post us to any deprived area. We intend to go to where we want to go likewise the other institutions," said Mr. Boakye, adding that they paid most of their bills.  

The President of TTAG-ASHBA said students want to know their fate whether third and final year students will be posted for national service or not .

Also, the Association is demanding that government release the feeding grants before the semester ends so feeding cost will be cut out of student’s bills adding that government needs to enact a bill to ensure the continuity for the feeding grant.  

Mr. Boakye said students want a long-term national policy on feeding grants so it won't become a political decision by partys in power when they deem it fit.

Mr. Boakye said some institutions are ignoring directives by government not to bill students with paying for utilities.  

"If those principals do not stop, the Association is coming on them and legal action will be taken against them and the principals have to return monies taken from students as soon as possible," Mr Boakye said. 




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