A legal practitioner, Thaddeus Sory, has donated assorted items to the St. Immaculate Widows Association at Daffiama in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District to enable them to celebrate Easter.

The ‘Thaddeus Sory, Mummy, and Me Gh’ supported the widows to mark the Easter celebration by donating bags of rice, sugar, boxes of cooking oil, mattresses, and second-hand clothes to put smiles on their faces.

Speaking at a brief ceremony at Daffiama during the donation, Reverend Sister Gabriela Yaala, the founder of the association, said some widows were inhumanly treated by relations of their husbands; making life unbearable for them.

She said some widows were denied access to fertile lands to cultivate in order to feed themselves and their children, hence her decision to bring them together and empower them to earn a decent living.

“When men die and leave their wives, the men in the family don’t take care of the widows. The men even takeaway the fertile lands and allow the widows to suffer”, Rev. Sis. Yaala said.

She said the association, which started at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish at Daffiama in 1995, now had 888 members.

Mr Sory said as a son of that community, he was aware of the challenges widows and women went through on daily basis to feed themselves and their children, hence the donation, which he had done for the past three years on every Good Friday, was to show appreciation to God for His enormous blessings in his life.

“This is where I come from and I have seen the circumstances under which some of my friends like me grew up. We know what the peculiar problems of women here are, and so if you find the opportunity to come back to your people and show them your love, that God has blessed you in many ways and you cannot thank Him, it is an opportunity that everybody should take”, he said.

He said that would not be the end of the kind gesture, but would continue to share his God’s blessings with the vulnerable and the needy and expressed hope that the initiative would be sustained to help them to be more independent.

Mr Joe Ampem Darko-Antwi, a representative of Mummy and Me, was happy to have collaborated with Mr Sory to celebrate widows to mark Easter and assured them that his organization would keep partnering the lawyer to continue to support the association.

He said as a charitable organization, their focus was to among other things, support mothers and their children to earn a living.

“The group is also looking forward to seeing the kids also enjoy the Easter through some of the things that we have given. MAM is the ultimate safe-haven for all mothers who have those melt-downs, fears, questions, and may sometimes feel like they don’t know where to go or whom to speak to”, he explained.

Madam Paulina Aayagla, a 73-year old visually impaired and beneficiary of the donation commended Mr Sory and his partners for the gesture.