It’s great to be back…and this evening, we are going to have a show after a long hiatus. Actually, you can call it a showdown or a career suicide edition.  

You can also refer to it as a serious professional blunder!!!  Either way, the show must and will go on. 

I normally ignore comments made about me online but on this occasion, I feel I must express myself and push harder my point, especially for those who do not read beyond the headlines. 

As for the politically minded ones, there isn’t much I can do about or with them.   

However, I believe strongly, that by the time I am done with my opinion this evening, many of you will see and understand where I am coming from. 

The headline was “FREE SHS WILL FUEL CHAOS AND CONFLICTS IN GHANA”. But what was the story about? Tune in at 7 pm. It’s really great to be back.

I am Nana Ansah Kwao IV, I am my own judge and jury. Catch The People vs Ansah Kwao IV,  tonight on Joy 99.7 FM.