Delay in receiving treatment especially in cases of emergency can lead to fatalities.

For the people of Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipality (LEKMA) in the capital, Accra; this is not a one-time occurrence.

These people do not stay at home in time of those emergencies until they are on the verge of death, no; they, like every person, seek urgent medical attention at the Lekma Hospital.

But there is a major hurdle they have to cross en route to the hospital. In the words of one of the residents who spoke to JoyNews, “it is a disaster, a catastrophe in the making.”

Fix LEMA Road

The resident was speaking about the road leading to the Lekma Hospital.

From outside Lekma to a point to the hospital, the road is okay, but some 10 miles to the hospital, the road is so dilapidated and pothole-ridden that some women say they have lost pregnancies while plying the road.

“Because of the road, I avoid going to the hospital until I am about five months into the pregnancy,” one pregnant woman told JoyFM/JoyNews TV Thursday.

Fix LEMA Road

A survivor who spoke to the Super Morning Show team – which went down to Lekma for the show – said he almost died as a result of the delay the bad road caused.

A doctor from the Lekma Hospital shared his experience with the team.

According to Doctor James Boakye who is the Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the dust from the road is causing the hospital a lot of inconveniences.

Fix LEMA Road

“Imagine I am operating a patient and I have to come out because I am sweating so much since the theatre air conditioners get clogged up.”

Doctor Boakye lamented that a lot of patients have been lost to delays in getting to the hospital and the nature of the road cannot be excused in such situations.

We have heard a lot of promises but we hope now that JoyNews is highlighting the situation, we would finally get positive results, the residents said.