Deputy Information Minister Pius Enam Hadzide says the critic of the National House of Chiefs’ President, Togbe Afede XIV on the controversial Agyapa Minerals Royalties agreement does not represent that of all chiefs in the country.

His comments come after Togbe Afede XIV criticised government’s decision to set up the Agyapa Minerals Royalties Limited in a tax haven.

Although information was circulating on Wednesday that he had endorsed the Agyapa deal, Chief of Asogli State outrightly distanced himself from the reportage citing ill-will on the part of perpetrators who frames the earlier press statement.

Reacting to it in an interview on Joy FM’s Top Story Thursday, Mr Hadzide said although the Paramount Chief of Asogli State has criticised portions of the deal doesn’t mean every chief is against it.

“I am also happened to have visited the Volta Region yesterday and I interacted with some chiefs who sought some clarity and after the explanation they were of the view that it was a good thing to leverage on our natural resources and prepare ourselves for the future.

“And so I believe that the good chief, and with all due respect to him that I hear him loud and clear but I think that he is representing himself on this matter,” he said.

He noted that government is ready to engage chiefs to explain issues and come to a consensus on the issue adding that “whatever misinformation and misconsption they may carry, we can help clarify it.”

“It will be wrong for one to posit that [the deal is bad] because one may not have the full clarity at this time or may lack a certain understanding.”