In the later part of the year, Joy News in collaboration with the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) started the Joy CleanGhana campaign to drive the message of keeping a clean environment to people in the capital.

The Joy News team joined forces with AMA environmental health officers and visited selected communities to inspect, educate and ensure they keep personal hygiene as well as their environment clean.

Below are pictures from the campaign…

These men were caught on camera urinating into the Odaw drain

The rampaging Jamestown Assemblyman, Joseph Addo attacked the JoyNews team when they visited his area. 

JoyNews camera caught the unhygienic conditions in which corn dough on sale at Makola Market in Accra is kept.

This toilet attendant was in a deep sleep around the corner of his workplace when the team visited.

AMA health inspection team walking on a drainage around the Makola Market in Accra

Owner of this structure at Mantse Agbona in Jamestown was dragged to Satanitation Court after his place was found in a squalid condition

This Chop Bar operator at Kwame Nkrumah Circle was angry after the team met her selling in an unhygienic condition 

This contaminated soup was poured down by the team at Kwame Nkrumah Circle

This lady was hiding her face from the camera when she saw the inspection team

An offender in Mamprobi being summoned 

This ‘koko’ seller at Neoplan Station was ordered to relocate to a cleaner location

Leader of the Sanitation Inspection Team, Florence Kuukyi, (right) inspects a toilet facility at North Kaneshie

The team interacting with a kenkey seller at Jamestown

A tomato seller at Kaneshie Market was forced to dispose of her rotten tomatoes 

A resident around Kwame Nkrumah Circle was ordered to sweep her dirty surroundings 

A landlord was caught connecting an effluence into the drainage at North Kaneshie

An officer placing a summon on a wall of one the offenders

This woman was caught selling food close to the toilet. She had packed a bunch of plantain near the toilet to ripe

A trader at Tuesday Market in Mamprobi was ordered to clear weeds which were close to where she sells 

A rotten fish which was about to be used to cook in a chop bar at Kwame Nkrumah Circle. It was destroyed by the team

Rotten tomatoes owner being questioned

Unhygienic and rotten uncovered meat in one of the cold stores at the Kaneshie Market

Rotten tomatoes seized at Kaneshie Market