Nigerian artiste manager, Ubi Franklin, 35, who was married to Nigerian actress Lillian Esoro is having his personal matters splattered all over social media.

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, he indicated that his fourth baby mama Sandra Iheuwa, was depriving him from seeing his daughter, Ariel:

“I have every right to put a call across to all the mothers of my kids to be sure they are fine and possible opportunity to see my kids. I cannot basically reach a two-year-old without the assistance of her mum, and for months it has been impossible,” he wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ubi’s new lover, a car dealer in the USA, Adesuwa Renee Ogiozee, has also started an Instagram catfight with his baby mama in question.

His new girlfriend wrote a long statement shading his baby mama Sandra, who also returned the favour by sharing screenshots of a fake Instagram account Renee used to bully her and her children, cursing her with barrenness.

Barely 24 hours after the virtual brawl, Ubi stepped in like a superman and defended his new found love:

“I have a right of association as a single person. Nobody has a right or have been given such leverage to harass anyone seen around me.”

“I will urge everyone to respect my relationship decisions and avoid any negative discourse that does little to add positive energy for all involved.”

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