Management of the University of Ghana has warned students against entertaining without caution, persons who enter the University premises to solicit funds and other support from them.

The Management of the University explained in a statement that it could be one of the many strategies adopted by criminals to prey on students.

 Director of Public Affairs, Stella A Addo said management’s “attention had been drawn to recent armed robbery attacks by certain unscrupulous persons, including motorcycle riders on the University’s main campus as well as in the residential areas.”

Management, therefore, has put in place some measures to ensure student safety on their various campuses.

Students have been warned to be “wary of strangers, beware of suspicious taxi drivers, pickpockets, and con-men.”

It further warned students against jogging alone, entertaining strangers, using poorly lit routes and walking alone at night.

Students and employees have also been advised to carry their ID cards at all times and also ensure that all doors were locked in the absence of any of their roommates.

The statement also said students should, “report or question any suspicious character loitering around halls, always call on the Porters or Security around if in doubt and report issues concerning electricity, water, and fire to the Porters or the various hotlines.”

Management further urged members of the University community to cooperate with the security agencies in their collective efforts to ensure a safe and secure environment on campus by reporting suspicious persons to the University Security, and also to be vigilant.