Up and coming artiste De-Helpp is hoping to release a collection of songs that inspire youths especially those from his community.

According to him, growing up in an environment of crime and injustice drives his need to achieve a better life through music, to serve as an example to the youth.

This, he explained in an interview is what inspired his stage name De-Helpp adding that, it is his quest to be one of the best musicians Africa ever created.

The artiste who is of Nigerian descent but Ghanaian-based, was born Alex Ebenezer Odita. He travelled to the country in 2012 to study music especially Highlife and Hiplife.

The artiste, who recorded the songs at Dream Music Studios, is signed by Blackdot Entertainment.

His first EP Dream Alive is expected to be released before end of the year.

It is a seven-track project plus an intro, which is motivated by his struggles, and the life-changing experiences of growing up in Nigeria.

Each song on the EP has an element of inspiration and the longing to motivate the African youth to continue to have respect for the family structure.

It also promotes hard work, preaches about self-awareness, and the inner strength needed to overcome the challenges of life.

Dream Alive EP also covers the importance of having a positive mindset toward achieving one’s goals in life.


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