The Deputy Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw, has descended heavily on Ursula Owusu, a vociferous leading member of the New Patriotic party (NPP), describing her as a disgrace to womanhood.

She told a gathering of the KNUST branch of the Tertiary Education Institution Network (TEIN) of the NDC last Tuesday that the aspiring Ablekuma South parliamentary candidate for the NPP was a sorrowful soul.

The deputy minister, whose mansion at her Techimantia hometown in the Brong Ahafo region made the headlines recently, said it was high-time Ms Owusu, a lawyer, stayed indoors because her personality cast a slur on the dignity of womanhood.

“I do not know why Ursula did not heed to my advice (sic) that she should stay indoors. My worry is that anytime she comes out and her name is mentioned, womanhood is insulted,” the veterinary doctor stated.

Dr. Bissiw noted: “If she refuses to shut up and continues with her usual behaviour, we will deal with her for her to know that we are in power.”

She said because the NPP was jealous about President Mills’ decision to appoint youngsters as ministers, they had resorted to name-calling, with a view to discouraging the young ministers.

“The NPP have called us team ‘B’, toddlers, kids among others but they have not succeeded in discouraging us from performing our duties in pursuance of the better Ghana agenda we promised Ghanaians,” she said.

Dr. Bissiw pointed out that they would always be grateful to President Mills and the ruling party for the opportunity to serve as ministers.

According to her, the NPP had no moral authority to criticize the Mills administration for non-performance, stressing that the state of affairs at the time the NDC took over was so bad that the government needed time to fix them.

“When people say we have not done anything in the two years of being in power, I do not understand them because we have not spent two years as they claim,” Dr. Bissiw observed.

She said the Mills-led government had not spent two years in office because the government used the first year to put boards of various institutions in place, form the cabinet and also put in place other machinery to help govern the affairs of the country well.

The deputy minister entreated the students not to buy into the propaganda by the NPP that the economy was in a bad state and that people in the country were suffering to the extent that they could not afford three square meals a day.

Dr. Bissiw again enjoined the students to work hard to ensure that the party retained power in the forthcoming elections, stressing that it was better for their party to be in power and they not having jobs than for them to have jobs and their party in opposition.

Source: Daily Guide/Ghana