President of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), UG Chapter, Samuel Nkumbaan, says the Association has not suspended its strike action although it has agreed to resume work following an emergency meeting with the National Labour Commission (NLC) and Employment and Labour Relations Ministry.

In a memorandum of agreement sighted by JoyNews, UTAG has agreed to take steps to suspend the ongoing strike action whilst the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations in conjunction with the National Labour Commission (NLC) take steps to discontinue all legal processes against the association.

But speaking on PM Express, Mr Samuel Nkumbaan said the Association cannot state whether its strike action has been called off or not since such a decision is dependent on the actions yet to be taken by the government.

“Today’s outcome is still contingent on a number of things happening and so it is no guarantee that we are off or on because what is contingent is that.. we have done a road map to give us a one month period within which we must have agreed with government on what it is we want or that we agree on what it is that is acceptable by general membership that we can work with. Aside that, also premised on is the fact that all the legal processes are discontinued against UTAG because we can’t be in court.

“So the condition of UTAG also taking steps to suspend the action is premised on these things and we are looking forward to the next day or two to see how those pan out. We haven’t suspended action as we speak. Suspension of the action is premised on the steps both parties are taking,” he explained.

Again, Mr. Nkumbaan told host, Aisha Ibrahim on Wednesday, that the Association is expecting all legal actions against it to be dropped when both parties appear before the Labour Court on Thursday.

Should that be the case, he noted that “we [UTAG] also have at least Friday, to engage with our general membership on the basis of good will as well as commitment by government that within one month, we will be at a point where everyone agrees this is where we want to be and then the processes of say, we are resuming strike will not have to happen.”

“So on the basis of that, we are willing to suspend if indeed all these processes go through with government showing us the deserved respect and commitment,” he reiterated.

Prior to this, the National Labour Commission had secured an injunction against the Association, arguing that the law forbids UTAG from proceeding with the industrial action when negotiations are underway.

Subsequently, the Labour Court of the High Court slapped UTAG with a fine of GH¢3,000 for wasting its time due to its inability to complete processes when the Court convened to hear the injunction case brought before the Association by the National Labour Commission (NLC) on the strike action.

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