Veronica Bekoe is the inventor of the Veronica Bucket

The inventor of the Veronica Bucket, Veronica Bekoe says the bucket was invented with the sole purpose of solving a laboratory problem.

According to her, before the bucket was invented, she was tasked by her supervisor from the USAID to look into the section of infection prevention as part of their topics of study to manage public health laboratories.

“So we went round some selected labs spanning from teaching hospitals right down to one man labs where you have only a table and few test tubes acting as a laboratory.

“And then going round, we realised that in facilities where there were no running water from the taps, the lab staffs were using bowls of stagnant water to wash their hands and immediately we realised that there was a problem there,” she stated.

Mrs Bokoe said she also noticed that the samples laboratory personnel’s dealt with, presumably carried some infectious disease therefore the need for them to protect themselves or any other person they might come into contact with.

“If there is a bowl or two bowls and only two people in the laboratory, how often is the water changed?  Is it changed after each use or what happens? In some situations you would see a cup, so the person would pick the cup with one hand and fetch the water, how would he or she wash the hands properly?” she quizzed.

Upon realising the problem, she brainstormed to come up with a solution because “to wash your hands and wash properly, apart from the soap, you need running water not stagnant water,” she said.

She further stated that “discussing what she had witnessed during the day, it occurred to her to fit a tap on one of the containers, adding that she sold the idea to her supervisor who bought into it and asked for a sample.