This pulsating story echoes the universal disorienting experience of immigrants everywhere. It looks at the past, present and future of Ghanaians in Calgary under the umbrella of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Calgary (GCAC).

Starting with 80-year-old Ama Shinnie who arrived in the early 1970s with her late British husband Peter Shinnie, the GCAC story focuses on the unique identity of these Ghanaians who have also become Canadians at heart.

Ghanaians in Canada

As GCAC President Charles Odame-Ankrah says, it is “a blend of two beautiful cultures” that represent a new identity with boundless energy to promote cultural harmony and appreciation of heritage and diversity.

Shetin Adams, Youth Coordinator for GCAC explains the positive message of this story for young people by sharing her personal struggle prior to making a decision to fully embrace her multicultural background as both Ghanaian and Canadian.

Ghanaians in Canada

Ultimately, the gentle narrative shows that the new and unique identity can be used for development in practical ways. This is espoused by numerous interviewees, including Anthony Manful and Dr David Boadi, both former presidents of GCAC.

In an age defined by the mass movement of people and cultures across the globe, this is an inspiring story for millions in the diaspora.

Watch the video below: