Perched at one end of the upper terrace of the Silver Star Tower was a well-sized stage with two DJ decks positioned to deliver the needed dose of songs to expectant patrons.

Behind the DJ decks was a huge billboard with some of the logos and colours of The Multimedia Group’s brands screaming loudly, giving you a clear picture of who was in charge!

The remaining space was a well-lit dance floor beaming discothèque colours perfect to provide the right illumination and ambience for dancing on this all-important occasion.

Hidden at the far side of the upper terrace was a well-sought after food court with carefully selected food and drinks for patrons.

All these were put in place for the maiden edition of the Joy FM Y2K Party and yes, the very second one enters the venue, it was clear that Joy FM had put in their usual effort and best to fulfil the promise of giving patrons a party of a lifetime.

The Y2K Party was carefully planned, perfect event for hardworking Ghanaians to reward them for all the hard work this first quarter.

Unlike Joy FM’s other mega-events, like Keteke, which focuses on music from the 1970s and 1980s, and the 90s Jam, which celebrates music from the 1990s, the Y2K Party celebrates music released from 2000 to 2010.

Friday, April 27 was never short of all the hits from that glorious era of music and entertainment. There were exciting performances too!

It was DJ Wobete who got busy warming up the venue for patrons, dishing out some great tones from that era and considering the fact that it was a working day, patrons trickled in slowly.

Joy FM knew this and therefore was ready to serve them hot whenever they showed up for the party.

Slowly and slowly, they came in one after the other and soon, the venue was packed with teeming patrons who were ready to have a party of a lifetime.

MC and host of Drive Time Lexis Bill with his sleek voice enticed the party makers onto the dance floor to dance the night away.

With some of The Multimedia Group’s music chefs – the best in the business, actually – behind the turntables, there can never be a dull moment!

Like a well-planned military strategy, the music chefs knew how to position themselves to attack and boy, they did strike!

Sammy Forson took over from DJ Wobete. He caressed the dancing nerves of the numbers that had gathered by serving a careful blend of hits from both local and international artistes.

From the speakers, one could hear hit songs such as Fat Joe’s ‘Lean Back’ to Bandana’s ‘Moko Ho’. 

Tic performs classic hits at Joy FM Y2K Party

Veteran rapper Tic Tac, now called Tic, gave a surprise performance at the party. He took patrons down memory lane performing songs like 'Philomena', 'Kwani Kwani', and 'Kangaroo'.  

The story was no different when Andy Dosty and DJ Black took over!

Individually, they connected very well with patrons dishing out back to back hit songs from that era.

Songs like Ayigbe Edem’s ‘U Dey Craze’, DJ Khaled’s ‘All I Do Is Win’, VIP’s ‘Besin’, Castro’s ‘Toffee’, Obour’s ‘Konkontiba’, Kontihene’s ‘Esi’, Nkasei’s ‘Tuobodom’, Ruff N Smooth’s ‘Swagger’, and Praye’s ‘Angelina’ got teeming patrons dancing all night long.

At around 1:35 am, the rain caused the mega party to come to an abrupt end.

Attempts by Andy Dosty to urge them that the party couldn’t continue because of the rain yielded no results initially as patrons could be heard shouting, “we won’t go…keep playing!”

This forced Andy Dosty to continue the party but 30 seconds into his first song, the same people who shouted they won’t leave, had to run for cover because of the force of the rain!