Some romantic gestures that you would enjoy can freak your man out. He loves you, but he doesn’t necessarily want rose petals on the bed. More laid-back and thoughtful gestures of affection will be better received by your man. You can be romantic and show him you love him without being cliche and making it awkward for him. Thinking about his likes and dislikes can give you better insight into the romantic gestures he’ll dig the most.

Lunchtime Surprise

Be it a midday hint of something you have planned or just a way to let him know you’re thinking about him, a lunchtime pick-me-up can perk up his day. Make a special lunch with a couple of his favorite foods, treats and drinks, and then slip something sexy inside, suggests ABC News contributor and life coach Val Baldwin. Try a piece of lingerie, a cute picture or even just a steamy note to let him know you’re excited for him to get home.

Beer and Snacks

Figuring out a romantic gift to get your man for his birthday can be daunting. While you may be inclined to look for jewelry or something touching and meaningful—things you’d prefer—remember that a large display of affection could make him feel awkward and embarrassed. Keep it simple, suggests “Cosmopolitan” magazine. Find out the brand of beer he likes and purchase a six-pack. Arrange it in a basket with a few snacks and a DVD of the latest season of his favorite TV show for a gift he’ll appreciate.


Your man is always begging you for a back rub, and you may even grudgingly offer one after a hard day’s work. Teaching yourself to give a real, quality massage, complete with oils, can be a romantic surprise that shows him you are thinking of him. Borrow a massage DVD from your library and learn about the different techniques. Mix almond oil with a few drops of a masculine essential oil, like cedar or sandalwood, and surprise him with a complete, professional-grade massage.

Night Out

Your man might enjoy a guy’s night out, but you love and miss him so much throughout the day that it can be a sore spot between you. Offer him a guy’s night out, no strings attached, suggests “Redbook” magazine. It’s a romantic way to give him the “night off.” Tell him to have a good time, then gather your girlfriends for drinks or get a pedicure so he doesn’t feel as if he’s leaving you home alone.

Car Wash

Rev his engine by sneaking over to his place on a Saturday afternoon with a bucket full of car wash supplies and a bathing suit. Call him on his cell phone and invite him to look out the window while you’re scrubbing down his vehicle. He’ll likely be so excited that he’ll come outside to help. It’s a way to offer service for someone you love while staying low key and sexy; two of his favorite traits.


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