Many young artistes in Ghana have long struggled to showcase their talents and craft on a larger scale.

However, the tourism ministry in Ghana seems to have a thought-out plan to assist underground music creators nationwide.

Kwame Franklin, a listener of Hitz FM’s morning show, Daybreak Hitz, sent a message to Host Andy Dosty saying, “Mr Minister, please try to help us as upcoming artistes. We are struggling to come out, please we need your help”.

Reacting to the message, Mark Okraku-Mantey, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, revealed that his ministry is working with the British Council to “train the trainers”.

He elaborated on the latter phrase, “say, a new form of Zapp Mallet, Richie or Kaywa – they take them through some training. And the idea is that they end up training other younger ones”.

He emphasised that the snowballing-like initiative would train many music creators, including beatmakers, producers, and performers.

This is intended to equip all members of the music creation fraternity in churning out quality content and successfully market their art to reach a larger audience.

“The British Council is investing into this”, he added.

Mr Mark Okraku-Mantey has rich experience in music production and artiste management, handling many industry greats such as Lord Kenya and Daasebre Dwamena (late).

His record also spreads across radio programming with his stint at HitzFM, talent show punditry, etc.

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