Mother of the late Elvina Nah Densua Mould, has described her relationship with her daughter as a sisterly one rather than a mother and daughter relationship.

Mrs Marial Ayokor Mould in a tribute to her daughter’s memory said, “as you grew older, we became more like sisters than mother and daughter. I miss all our chats, catching up on the day’s events, talks about the latest antics of your friends’ young children, your dreams and aspirations, travel plans and of course good food.”

Ms Nah Densua who was in the prime of her life when she passed, was also described by her mother as a model child, humorous and someone who worked hard and played hard.

“I will miss going on holiday with you to visit art exhibitions and museums, going to listen to spoken word. Who will call me and go, ‘Ayorks, how be?’ Or say, ‘Ei, Ayorkor nunu’ when I refused to give you my expensive mascara or eye pencil?”

She continued: “You often entered into banter with your brother. You forgave easily and did not hold a grudge for long. You were sassy and elegant.” 

“The precious moments we spent together are etched like tiny keepsakes on my heart and I know they will comfort me,” Mrs Mould added.

The 27-year-old Nah Densua passed away on January 1, 2020, on a trip to Mauritius during the past Christmas holidays.

Elvina Nah Densua was laid to rest on Thursday, January 30, 2020, at Gethesame Cemetery at East Legon.  

Her family and friends of the family, attended the funeral service.