The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Madam Jean Mensa has revealed that measures have been instituted by the Commission that will ensure that it delivers a credible and flawless election.

As Presidential candidates start filing their nominations this week for the 2020 General Elections, the EC has announced a detailed plan to ensure that all nominations are filed in accordance with the law.

This involves a detailed checklist and two teams who have been tasked to review and scrutinize all forms submitted.

“As part of the commission’s efforts to ensure a transparent, credible, fair and yet accountable process, the Commission has developed a detailed checklist that embodies the criteria to be satisfied by the Presidential candidates as prescribed by law,” she said.

In addition to that, a Technical Team and an I.T. Team have also been instituted to ensure that all the forms submitted to comply with the requirements of the law.

“This year the Commission has established 2 teams who have been tasked to review all the forms submitted; the Technical Team has been tasked to scrutinize the forms submitted to ensure that the Presidential candidates meet the criteria as set out in the law.”

“The I.T team has been charged with the responsibility of scrutinizing all the voter I.D cards of the presidential candidates and their supporters to verify whether the candidate and their supporters are indeed registered voters,” she said.

Both teams are to “operate within the confines of the Law” and “are not to exercise discretion in the matter”.

Speaking at the Let the Citizen Know press briefing, she disclosed that both teams have been provided adequate training and orientation to carry out their functions as prescribed by Law to ensure a transparent, credible, fair and yet accountable process.

“They have been tasked to be fair and firm in executing their duties, we have no doubt that the process will be fair, firm and peaceful,” she said

She added that the five day period provided for the filing process will allow enough time for the presidential candidates to correct any errors identified in their forms.