The Lands Ministry says it will act transparently over the demolition of the Bulgarian Embassy in Accra.

In a press statement issued on May 16, and signed by the Sector Minister, Samuel Jinapor, he said, “As with all other matters, government will continue to act transparently, in good faith, and with the utmost integrity in this matter.

“The findings and recommendations of the Sole Inquirer in respect of all other matters relating to landed properties in which diplomatic missions have interests will be made known when presented.”

The Ministry thus thanked the Sole Inquirer, Justice Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta for his investigation into the case.

According to the Ministry, he discharged duty with an extraordinary sense of professionalism during his work.

“On behalf of the Government, I thank the Sole Inquirer, Mr Justice Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta, for his extraordinary sense of professionalism, integrity, and dedication in this matter.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry has also ordered that there should be no further development of the land pending the outcome of the court cases.

“The Ministry has directed the Lands Commission to ensure that there is no further development of the land pending the outcome of the court cases; For the avoidance of doubt, no person or entity is to carry out any development on the said land until the conclusion of the said court cases.”

The Ministry also directed the Lands Commission not to recognise and or register any individual or entity until the case’s final determination is reached.

“The Lands Commission is directed not to recognise and/or register any further transaction in respect of the subject plot of land until the final determination of the pending cases before the court (s) or an amicable resolution of the matters in dispute is reached.”


The Bulgarian Embassy, located at Kakramadu Road, Plot No. 10, East Cantonments in Accra, was partly demolished by the so-called private developer in 2017.

The Lands Commission ordered the developer to stop work on a redevelopment project on the site.

The Sole Inquirer was inaugurated on Friday, March 18, 2022, by the Lands Ministry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the true ownership of some parcel of land with terms of reference as follows:

  • Undertake a full and impartial inquiry into the alleged encroachment and/or demolishing of property on the land being used as the Bulgarian Embassy.
  • Make appropriate recommendations relating to the land being used as the Bulgarian Embassy.
  • Inquire into the nature of interest in any land held or occupied by Diplomatic Missions in Ghana.
  • Inquire into any matter relating to land in which Diplomatic Missions in Ghana have any interest whatsoever.
  • Make recommendations to the government.