‘Women & Tech. Doing Business in Africa’, the second episode in the newly premiered Ethical Fashion Podcast’s second series, aired on Thursday.

It featuring two prominent female business leaders in Ghana and their trajectory towards a career in tech in the region.

The booming creative economy and continuous growing access to technology in the continent offer exciting opportunities for the new generation. But with young adults making up an incredible 60% of Africa’s unemployed population, the secret to getting ahead remains unclear.  

Guest hosted by Roberta Annan, Ghanaian entrepreneur and founder of African Fashion Foundation, in conversation with Vodafone Ghana’s CEO Patricia Obo-Nai, this second episode seeks to explore the career challenges the young population is facing today and how digital connectivity and mentoring of the new generation might be the solutions to professional success.

In this open conversation, Roberta Annan and Patricia Obo-Nai discuss potential strategies for emerging creatives and entrepreneurs in this digital era and the importance of women in leadership.

Simone Cipriani (Founder and Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (‘EFI’) and Clare Press (Sustainable Journalist and Writer), return to host the second series of the Ethical Fashion podcast, first launched in June 2020 to champion the power of discussion and explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation.

The new series focuses on African stories in light of the EFI’s work on “creating jobs and regenerating the social capital in some of the most challenging environments, which is something we started doing in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2018” says Cipriani.

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