Twitter trends in Ghana for the past 24 hours have been dominated by the name, Oswald, for very unusual reasons.

The banker has risen to become the most talked-about personality on the social media for his accurate sports predictions which won him over ¢5,000 in sports betting on Wednesday night.

This feat has attracted the attention of many after punters on Twitter who are now looking up to him for the next prediction with the hope of winning big too.

Oswald’s Twitter account has since seen tremendous growth to about 36.2k followers. The punter subsequently created a Telegram channel for followers interested in benefiting from his acclaimed betting prowess. The group has also garnered over 43,000 members in less than 24 hours.

Oswald betway
Oswald’s Telegram channel as at 4:35 pm on Thursday

Even though a section of Ghanaians frowns upon sports betting as a negative get-rich-quick scheme, others believe it is a high-risk high reward venture worthy playing.

Some members of the Telegram group are expressing surprise at mutual members discovered on the platform.

According to Twitter users, Oswald has one final task to solidify his reputation as a ‘Bet King’.

However, Oswald is poised to transform the lives of his followers as the ‘former Osofo’ intends to create wealth for his peers, one bet ticket at a time.