Doctors in Zimbabwe have protested against a Twitter slur by the government spokesperson, who referred to them as “medical assassins” in the wake of the deaths of senior government officials from Covid-19.

Spokesperson Nick Mangwana said he was only “amplifying” a matter that was being debated publicly.

“Didn’t those doctors give clear indicators? If you were a political player from a certain political party would you agree be admitted to a hospital where those doctors work. They should be found and made to account and everyone who share their warped thinking,” he added.

The doctor’s association said it was unfortunate that a government official could make such references despite medics risking their lives to save Zimbabweans.

“We are in difficult times as a nation in as much as the whole world is also troubled. We empathise with the sick and the bereaved. Attacking a whole profession at such a time does not add any value to alleviation of our challenges,” the association tweeted.