Direct firms up stance for savings and loans market

Direct firms up stance for savings and loans market
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Date: 18-07-2017 Time: 04:07:14:am

Express Capital, an indigenous Microfinance Company, which has been in operation for five years, has acquired a Savings and Loans license from Bank of Ghana.

The Company will now operate as Direct Savings and Loans Limited.

Customers of the company have enjoyed excellent service delivery, thanks in great part to the strong work ethic of the employees. From a very small team of three, Direct Savings and Loans Ltd now has a productive workforce of over three hundred.

Today, the company also boasts of a sound Corporate governance structure which is the bedrock on which the company stands despite the recent turbulence that hit the microfinance industry.

In his delivery at the launch of Direct Savings and Loans Ltd., held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, the CEO, Ben Adu-Owusu stated that “high corporate governance standards have been fundamental to our success and will remain the bedrock of the Company’s long term sustainability. Although at times, a seemingly taxing process, good corporate governance standards cannot be overemphasized.

This position has been our guiding light as we move towards our vision, investing in the people, technology, and processes that will ensure the protection of the capital and integrity of the Company. Going forward, I expect effective corporate governance to rise as a key differentiating factor in the long term financial strength of companies in the industry. [And] we, Direct Saving and Loans Ltd, pledge to ensure that our established management structures, risk management processes and internal audit procedures continue to be highly valued hallmarks of our institution”.


Direct Savings and loans Ltd. is not only providing financial aid to its customers but also working towards creating and sustaining wealth for its customers, and returning excellent results for shareholders and business partners.

As a leading player in financing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Direct Savings and Loans Ltd remains committed to providing excellent products and services and expanding to new regions of the country. 

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