The Right Reverend Professor Osei Sarfo-Kantanka is calling for the amendment of 1992 Constitution of Ghana. 

He believes it is the main cause of abject poverty in Ghana.

The former Methodist Bishop made the call during the launch of his new book titled, “Who Owns the Land and Who Rules the Land” in Kumasi.

The book reflects on the governance system of Ghana in relation to poverty and underdevelopment. 

It makes contributions towards setting the agenda for change in governance systems and institutions. 

Prof. Osei Sarfo-Kantanka indicated that Ghanaians cannot be liberated from poverty unless the Constitution is amended. 

“I dare say that under our current constitutional arrangement, no government will be able to get us out of our economic woes, because there are fundamental bottlenecks which we have failed to confront and find solutions to,” he emphasized. 

He further suggested the inclusion of the chiefs in government appointments. 

“The President should no longer appoint MMDCEs and they must be elected on non-partisan basis and 20% of government appointees should be reserved for local chiefs and the remaining 10% be reserved for special experts the Assembly may need,” he suggested. 

Former Member of Parliament for Afigya Sekyere East, Kwesi Akomeh Kyeremanteng urged Ghanaians to support the call.

“Some entrenched provisions in the 1992 Constitution need about 2/3 of MPs to agree for their amendments. It’s very difficult to change an entrenched provision. 

“We have to be eager to have this document amended. If need be, it has to be replaced entirely. 

“Because, changing it is more difficult than being angry to say that enough is enough. We want our young people to enjoy the dividends of democracy,” he said.

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