Few hours from now the world would witness the launch of a new revolution, initiated by two young people with a potential army of two billion others ready to take over the world with a new vision a new direction and hopefully a better destination.

'2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing the World' is a new book co authored by Stacey Ferreira 22 and Jared Kleinert, 19, highlighting the greatest success stories and entrepreneurial breakthroughs of a Ghanaian and 74 other young people across the world.

It is challenging the often erroneous impression that the 2 billion millennials or the generation under age 20 are without hope and must be led and directed by, sometimes clueless adults.

Kleinert told Myjoyonline.com from his base in the US that 2 BILLION UNDER 20 will undoubtedly breakdown the age barriers and change the world in many significant ways.

How the revolution began

Millennials all across the world have been confined to a community of innocent ignoramuses.

If you typed "Millennials are" on the search engine website google, the autocomplete feature suggests “lazy,” “stupid,” and “doomed.”

It is no wonder, they are left out in key decision making  policies that even affect them. The situation is even more pronounced in many developing countries. In Ghana for instance, the tenure of high school has become a game of chess with politicians increasing and decreasing the number of years at will, dismissing the potential input of the students.

Most of these millennials have been programmed to climb the long ladder of education prescribed and forced down their throats by their parents and society without question. Any deviations from norms are described as delinquents.  And while these children attempt to respect the status quo, the same society turns around, scorns them and sometimes looks down upon them.

But the truth is there are many stories of Under 20s across the world who are thinking, acting like 40s and achieving great results that many people in their 50s cannot even dream about.

One such story is the Emmanuel Nyame story. A Ghanaian, a proud product of Accra Academy who at age 16 together with his colleagues birthed a business concept of giving out loans to be paid with interest. He graduated and now heads big companies, consults for many others and helps in raising capitals for start ups even when he is yet to get his first degree.

It is the stories like these which motivated Jared and Stacey in 2012 when they met Thiel Foundation Summit in New York City, to put together a profound collection of inspiringly great stories of the millenials across the world to be unveiled later Tuesday.

"I got the idea that there were 2 billion people under 20 [in the world]. I heard that statistic and I thought why not bring together shining examples from our generation to empower all those people to do meaningful things with their lives.

"We share those stories in order to get young people to act on their passions in life and help older generations to empower millennials to follow their dreams," Jared told Myjoyonline.com.

Jared put school on hold and followed his passion and has today become a globally acclaimed public speaker who discusses Millennial empowerment, youth entrepreneurship, community ­building, and more on TEDx stages and in corporate boardrooms.

He was named the "Definition of Social Entrepreneur" by Forbes. His co-author Stacy Ferreira , is also co­founder of MySocialCloud, an online password storage and management solution, that received $1.2M in funding from Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock, and Alex Welch and was acquired by Reputation.com in 2013.

She was named as one of the "50 Startup Founders You Need To Follow on Twitter" on Forbes, and was named by Business Insider as one of few "Successful College Dropouts."

The two will together launch 2 BILLION UNDER 20 today in the US with the many contributors from around the world keeping a keen interest in the ground breaking event.

The book which will go on sale Wednesday has a great number of reviews from some of the world's greatest authors including, Tony Hsieh, #1 New York Times bestselling author of ”‹Delivering Happiness”‹and CEO of ”‹Zappos.com, Inc., ­ Keith Ferrazzi, #1 New York Times bestseller author of ”‹Never Eat Alone, and Talulah Riley, director, writer, and actress.