23 signs you’re falling in love

You know when you find that someone special and you immediately revert to your high school self? Carefully written texts that are intended to come off casual, nervous sweating, overthinking the smallest things.

Those could all be indications that you're falling for them hard. Everything feels new again and you don't even care how ridiculous you've been lately because whatever you're feeling seems bigger than anything else.

Enjoy every single second of this roller coaster phase because falling in love doesn't come every day. Here's 23 signs to confirm you're totally smitten.

1. He or she is all you can think about

2. You love spending your free time with them

3. Every little thing reminds you of them

4. You don't mind making small sacrifices or doing favors for them

5. Things they'd love stand out to you when you're out shopping

6. Seeing their name on your phone gives you butterflies

7. Your friends are sick of hearing about them

8. Hooking up with other people isn't even on your mind

9. You find yourself thinking of him or her before yourself

10. You feel like you're almost addicted to them

11. Things that would normally annoy you don't when it comes to them

12. No one before them really matters anymore

13. Even the most mundane tasks are fun with them

14. You worry about messing things up

15. Sex is more about being intimate than physical

16. Corny love songs don't seem as corny anymore

17. They're the first person you want to tell news to

18. You catch yourself planning ahead with them in mind

19. Everything feels right when you're with him or her

20. You're willing to try new things for them

21. You genuinely feel for them when they're sad

22. You miss them as soon as they leave

23. There's no one else you'd rather be with