Municipal Chief executive (MCE) for Abuakwa South in the Eastern Region, Kojo Ofori-Safo, has advised the youth of Asiakwa to abstain from using illicit drugs.

He is also pleading with parents in the municipality to be extra vigilant and monitor the movements of their children.

The MCE told local station, Radio1, the habit of the youth using hard drugs will put them in an awkward situation which will negatively impact their future and the general good of the nation.

“Smoking wee (marijuana), cocaine, tramadol has effects on the body,” Kojo Ofori-Safo told Nana Kwabena Addo Papabi, host of the ‘Susubiribi Morning Show’ of the station. 

He added: “You may not experience the effects now but [they] will definitely show up when you grow up. These drugs affect the liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys and what have you.”

According to the MCE, most people who lived on hard drugs in their youthful age, end up spending virtually all their earnings treating the effects of these drugs in their retirement age.

“You will realise that after you are about 50 or 60 years, you will now be spending your money to treat these sicknesses”, he said.

He advised parents and guardians within the municipality to take a keen interest in the upbringing and education of their children and wards in order for them to become responsible adults in the future.

Angry youth beats teacher to death 

Asiakwa recently dominated the headlines following the murder of a headteacher by some angry youth.

The 52-year-old Religious and Moral Education teacher, George Somuah Bosompem, of the Salvation Army Basic School in Asiakwa, was reportedly killed by the youth following a row over snails.

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Family members of the deceased when the Minister of Education, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, visited them

According to his unnamed colleague, the school has a snail farm which was encroached by some irate youth in the community who use the school compound for nefarious activities such as wee smoking and illicit sex.

Upon police complaints, arrests were made but instead of prosecutions some opinion leaders intervened and the suspects were made to pay for the cost of the snails stolen from the farm.

According to the account, during the assault on their colleague, the assailants revealed he was being punished because his school surcharged them for the stolen snails.

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The deceased who was initially admitted to the Kyebi Hospital was later transferred to the St Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua.

Six accused persons are standing trial for the offence of conspiracy to commit murder and murder.