The Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA) says it will take three additional dumping sites to properly manage solid waste in Accra.

The association says these intermediary sites will enable waste collectors to first assemble the waste collected in Accra before transporting to the final disposal site.

Currently, the Kpone landfill site is receiving garbage from Accra, which amounts to 2, 500 tonnes a day.

Joy News Michaela Anderson reported that there were mountains of garbage at the Kpone landfill site because the site is currently the final disposal site for all solid waste in the region.

As a result of garbage mass, the offensive odour emanating from the dump site has become unbearable.

Meanwhile, as at Wednesday afternoon, about nine trucks, out of the 90 trucks that had queued yesterday, were in the queue waiting to offload refuse.

The landfill site operators said they had to open another portion of the dump site to facilitate easy dumping of the garbage, leading to the near clearing of the 90 truckloads of garbage, line up at the landfill site to offload refuse.

Some refuse truck drivers are demanding that the site should be opened 24 hours to enable them work effectively.

Meanwhile, the landfill operators have complained that the power outages are making operations at the site very cumbersome, explaining the generator, which powers the weighing machine, which records data, has also broken down.

The operators therefore want government to pay outstanding debts owe them in order to keep the site running or shut it down.

The managers of the landfill site say the only way to deal with the situation is for government to pay monies owe them.

According to them, their creditors are not willing to continue providing financial support to keep the site running.

Nonetheless, operation on the site is now going on smoothly.

But the Environmental Service Providers Association says government must also show commitment to paying the landfill operators to forestall any shut down plans.

Speaking to Joy News, the Spokesperson for the Association, Ama Ofori-Antwi said she had convinced the operators to enable her negotiate with government to intervene as soon as possible to avert the closure of the landfill site.

According to her, Kpone landfill site has an agreement with the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) to pay the operators but the Assembly petitioned government to assist them in paying the operators.

In a related development, Greater Accra regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afote Agbo is heading to London next week with the intention to get a waste company to come and invest in Ghana's waste management.

The minister noted that he is expecting the Finance Ministry to release funds this week to clear the waste in Accra.




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