The Minority in Parliament says Ghanaians have to rise and speak against government’s decision to declassify the Achimota Forest Reserve.

The NDC MPs say Ghanaians must make their voices heard loudly.

The government, through an Executive Instrument, E. I 144 has paved the way for a possible redevelopment of the forest reserve for other purposes.

The Instrument gazetted on behalf of President Akufo-Addo by the Lands Minister, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, stipulated that effective May 1, 2022, the land on which the Forest is located shall cease to be a forest reserve, pursuant to Section 19 of the Forest Act, 1927 (CAP. 157).

However, some Ghanaians have opposed the decision by government. They took to social media and the traditional media to voice their disagreements.

But the Deputy Ranking on the Lands and Forestry Committee of Parliament, speaking on the JoyNews’ with Bernice Abu-Baidoo Lansah on Thursday, May 19, asked Ghanaians to do more.

According to Alhassan Suhuyini, Ghanaians must let President Akufo-Addo and his government know they oppose the move.

“It is true that what the president has done is legal, but he has done it on behalf of the people of Ghana, and it must be in the interest of Ghanaians.

“So if we see the president’s action not be in our interest as citizens, that is why we should rise and let our voices be loud enough for the president to hear that this action you have taken which is legal, is not in our interest, and we do not agree with you, and so we think that you just reverse the E. I.”

“So that is the demand we are making as a Minority. The president must go back to the drawing board, even though the law empowers him to do what he has done.”

Mr Suhuyini also wants the president to publicly make his reasons for declassification known.

He alleges that the president is hiding something from Ghanaians.

“He [President Akufo-Addo] must explain why he has decided to declassify the Forest. There must be something that he isn’t telling us.”