As part of regulations to curb the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in the country, the Ghana Health Service had modified its protocols regarding foreign travel through the Kotoka International Airport.

“The current increase in cases together with the detection of the Omicron variant among international arrivals and the expected Increase during the festive season, call for urgent actions to prevent a major surge in COVID- 19 cases in Ghana,” GHS said in a December 9, statement.

Under this directive, the GHS has charged all airlines to pre-validate the TT codes of all passengers before arriving in Ghana.

These TT codes are to be received from any TT lab, or TC issued online after a genuine PCR test result has been uploaded and analysed using the PanaBIOS or Global Haven software.

“Airlines must issue TCs on behalf of illiterate travellers who arrive at check-in with only their genuine PCR test results,” the GHS directed.

Meanwhile, Airlines that fail to carry out the procedure will be surcharged $3500.

This comes on the back of the GHS announcing that all persons 18 years and above arriving in Ghana from December 12 must provide proof of full vaccination.

Meanwhile, “all unvaccinated Ghanaians and residents who are currently outside the country and intend to return within 14 days from the midnight of December 12, are exempted.”

This group, however, will be vaccinated on arrival at the airport.

According to the press release signed by GHS boss, Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, out of the 34 cases detected at the airport, 75% of them were unvaccinated.

“Over the last two weeks, cases from the airport account for about 60% of the total cases recorded in the country,” he added.

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