Ghana's leading acappella group, Alabaster Box has chalked yet another lead by being the first acappella group in the country to upload three albums at a go on four online channels.

The albums are 'From Welcome to Goodbye', 'Unto the King' and their long awaited latest 'Level Don Change'.

All songs from all the three albums, including the all time favorite "Akwaaba" song are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play Store, downloadable by keying in "Alabaster Box" or the title of the song one wants in the search engine.

Group leader Sammy Dowuona said "we wanted to do something different from the normal album launch we have witnessed in this country."

He however hinted that subsequent to the online launch, the group is gearing up for what it calls the 7×3 Nationwide Tour to mark its 21 years of ministry.

Mr Dowuona explained, "the significance of 7×3 is that both numbers have something to do with God, and the product of the two numbers is 21 so for us it is about celebrating God's faithful at 21."

He, however, stated that, for Alabaster Box, the other significant thing about 7×3 is that they would be holding seven mini concerts in schools and needy homes and three big concerts in three big cities."

Mr Dowuona further explained that between now and October the group will pay visits to each of their four former secondary schools and three needy homes to minister to students and residents.

The Alabaster Box leader said the group will then hold three major concerts in Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra in the month of October to mark their 21 years of ministry.

"We are currently working towards making this happen and we are speaking with sponsors who have shown interest in joining hands with us in this noble venture," he said.

Sammy expressed the hope that other interested bodies and individuals who love the ministry of Alabaster Box will come onboard and part of the celebration of God's faithfulness.

Alabaster Box is by far Ghana's biggest thing as far as Acappella is concerned. The group coined for itself a genre of Acappella called Afroppella and has toured parts of the world with it, making God and country proud.

Da Box, as they are affectionately called, was the first and only Ghanaian acapella group to sing for the Queen of England, first gospel music act on BBC World Focus on Africa TV, first Ghanaian group at the London Acappella Festival, Fringe Festival in Scotland, and twice at Festival of Life in London.

The group was also the first Ghanaian group at the biggest gospel music event in the world, dubbed The Experience Lagos, where an estimated 500,000 audiences sat in one night.

Alabaster Box has also paid its dues by ministering in schools and needy homes across the world, and also at an evangelistic conference both at home and abroad.

Other members of the group are Gideon Allotey, Horst Ayub and Michael Allotey.